OPINION: The Los Angeles Rams will triumph in the City of Inglewood

Los Angeles Rams quarterback, Joe Willy Namath

Los Angeles Rams quarterback, Joe Willy Namath (Dominic Ebel/Lariat)

The National Football League owners vote Stan Kroenke’s L.A. Rams coup out of Saint Louis left most of their fans disgruntled —something we from Los Angeles know all too well. The L.A. Rams will have a $2 billion stadium built in Inglewood which is scheduled to be completed by the year 2019. The Los Angeles Ram fans are thrilled to be getting back their NFL football team since their departure back in 1994.

The excitement of the L.A. Rams comes from their history of being the first major sports franchise in California in 1946 at the Coliseum. They had record attendance in 1957-1964. The blue and white Rams in 1965-1972 battled fiercely but only managed to come in 6th or 7th in the NFL Western Conference during the early part of the decade.

In the emergence of the famed fearsome foursome the one who stood out the most was Deacon Jones called the secretary of defense. The elite group on the defensive front four were tackles Rosey Grier and Merlin Olsen with defensive ends Lamar Lundy and Deacon Jones. The arrival of head coach, George Allen in 1966 gave them the edge making the NFL Western Conference playoffs first loss to the Green Bay Packers then next postseason for the second time ending up losing 23-20 to the Minnesota Vikings.

This was the end of the ’60s era going to the beginning in 1970-71 long-time owner of the L.A.Rams, Dan Reeves passed away, who was the legend being California’s only sports owner back in the day. Robert Isray, the new owner of the L.A.Rams, then traded the L.A. Rams franchise to Baltimore owner, Carroll Rosenbloom.

Rosenbloom was successful within a year.

The Los Angeles Rams head coach, John Robinson, from USC succeeded after head coach Ray Malavasi who almost won in Super Bowl IV came up short to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers with Rams quarterback, Vince Ferragamo in Los Angeles.

Welcome Los Angeles Rams to Inglewood

Welcome Los Angeles Rams to Inglewood (Dominic Ebel/Lariat)

Everyone thought when the Rams left Los Angeles in 1994 that they were gone forever. No one thought that we would have a second chance of get an NFL franchise back to Los Angeles as it been over 20 years since the Rams left.

There is a lot of emotion from the fanspouring their love to the Los Angeles Rams coming to the old Hollywood park site where their building the new Inglewood billion dollar stadium. Old Los Angeles Rams coach John Robinson is cheering on the Rams return.

The Los Angeles retired football players have been coming out cheering for the Rams coming home. Ex-Los Angeles football player Eric Dickerson has tweeted many times that he is so happy of the Rams return to Los Angeles.

Rams head coach, Jeff Fisher played safety for the Rams back in the 1970s also played at University of Southern California. He coming come as Owner Stan Kroenke tweeted below.

“This is all about football, really. The history of the Los Angeles Rams. Our coach is a Southern California boy and he is glad to be back,” tweeted Stan Kroenke.

The upcoming home games the Los Angeles Rams take on their rival San Francisco 49ers, then top teams Carolina Panthers, Arizona Cardinals, and away the New England Patriots, New York Jets. These games will be their most competitive opponents in 2016 as to the remainder of the schedule is to be announced.