OPINION: Mushrooms can treat PTSD and depression

Even though one cannot go around picking and eating mushrooms all day, they sure are interesting to see them grow. (Betsy Johnson/Photo Editor)

Even though one cannot go around picking and eating mushrooms all day, they sure are interesting to see them grow. (Betsy Johnson/Photo Editor)

From personal experience of taking a psychedelic drug before, I can say that it opened my mind to many new things and a new perspective on life. I am not saying everyone should go out and try this, what I am saying is in my own opinion and experience, being someone who has been through alot in her life, having a gateway to view my life, what is really going on in my mind deep inside and what I have been through, I can see how this type of drug can help someone by opening a new perspective. .

Recent studies in homeopathic treatment options show that people suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,  depression, anxiety and addiction are now taking the hallucinogenic drug mushrooms, or “magic mushrooms,” to help with bad memories stored in a certain part of the brain.

Having traumatic events can overwhelm the mind’s innate ability to process, making it a sort of raw experience that is locked deep away in the basement of the brain. The caveat is one may experience side effects such as paranoia or delusions, caused from the substance psilocybin in the mushrooms.

The way magic mushrooms work in helping people is by slowing down the blood flow and temporarily knocking out what regulates through the brain. It is like the gatekeeper of your subconscious. The gatekeeper opens the door, releasing its grip on the mind.

According to Contributoria, statistics have shown that the prescription rate for treating depression or anxiety not only in the U.S. but also across the world has increased drastically. One in 10 people from the ages 12 and up are on some sort of medication.

Now this goes without saying, there are some people who really do need certain prescriptions. Depression affects 350 million people and is the most leading cause of disability worldwide. However, there is one thing that is unclear, there may be a chance of people being inappropriately prescribed and diagnosed.

Using magic drugs like LSD is not a new thing in the world of medicine. The CIA, scientists and doctors have been doing experiments on volunteers since the 1950s and 60s, and it started creating complications.

Since then scientists have taken a more rigorous route into finding out how magic mushrooms and other psychedelic drugs work. Thanks to modern science and technology more proof is coming out that the natural “hippy way “to cure the mind has made improvements and is becoming more of a tool to use when needed, also under supervision.

Even though there are still no definite answers to how these drugs work, there are still no definite answers to how the brain works. But at least we are fortunate enough to have the technology to start answering our questions. In my opinion if I had to chose a way to fix a problem I had, I would feel more comfortable with more natural product versus something that was made in a lab.