OPINION: Don’t let finals conquer you

The week before finals has finally come. But for those with once-a-week classes, like Statistics on Friday morning, finals start early.

So it’s Friday and you’re faced with the decision to go out to the bars, cuddle up with the significant other with a bottle of wine and take out, or make flash cards for Physics, write an outline for history, and finish that final calculus packet your professor gave you two weeks ago.

Since you chose to let the weekend fly by and wake up hungover late Sunday afternoon. It’s time to pull off procrastination, especially if you are planning on transferring this fall.

To survive finals week you must:

  1. Go to a Starbucks or local library where you can get away from distractions at home.
  2. Put your headphones in and so your brain lets loose.
  3. Grab your laptop, spiral notebook, a couple different colored pens, colorful post-its, lined flashcards, a variety of highlighters, and of course the notes you have supposedly taken over the semester.
  4. Turn your phone on silent for an hour at least. Those procrastination and finals week memes on Instagram only prove the valuable time you have wasted.