OPINION: De-evolution of the radio star

Let alone male artists on the radio today, females have some pretty enticing music that is negatively influencing females around the world.

Artists like Beyonce and Miley Cyrus, or is it Hannah Montana, are just a few of the 21st century artists who portray a bad girl image. These artists used to be the heroines that many youthful listeners used to see as more of a public-appropriate musical focus.

Not to mention radio music is condoning of this image with lyrics that technically don’t have to be censored that are painting a broad image of sexual innuendoes.

A line from Beyonce’s new hit single “Drunk in Love” is, “We woke up in the kitchen asking how the hell did this shit happen oh baby,” outwardly saying their love is based on a drunken one-night stand. Listeners of all ages sing along with this song based on the classic scenario where after a night of promiscuous sex,   in the morning you don’t even know who you woke up next to.
When Beyonce was not strictly a single act, she was part of Destiny’s Child, a female group made up of Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams. This group’s song “Say My Name” was about having respect for a girlfriend and making sure there isn’t a side chick. “Independent Women” is a song interpreted about single woman who are successful by themselves without the need of a man.
When Beyonce was a new single entertainer, she wasn’t singing about drunken sex or anything, for example, “Irreplaceable” and “Single Ladies” were two hits about how important trust and security are in a relationship.
Now Cryus or, [errrrgh]  Hannah Montana, the once child Disney Star to now unofficial “twerk” endorser who’s once young children fan base is now evolving into “twerkers”.
“Twerking” is an Internet sensation where women and men shake their butts in a fashion that is inappropriate to the public’s eyes.
Cyrus is a singer/song writer who once performed songs like “The Climb” which was written about the determination it takes to take on adversity and overcome those struggles to succeed in life. Now she signs about youthful drug-consuming binges like “We Can’t Stop” or “Bangerz”.
Not only are these two musicians promoters of bad morality, but other songs on the radio are inducing bad behavior mentalities.
For example, The Chainsmokers released a song “#SELFIES” about “selfies” and club lifestyle. The song has lyrics where a woman vocalist says, “Oh my God, Jake just texted me. Should I go home with him? I guess I took a good selfie”.
This song about selfies, getting drunk, and going home to sleep with somebody is openly played on the radio while old rock n roll songs are being censored for mild curse words.
Now lets be real, parental advisory is not always possible especially if the songs that are promoting bad behavior are played on the radio for the world to hear, therefore these artists should consider themselves role models who persuade their youthful listeners.