OPINION: Block schedule will create more parking chaos

The parking situation at Saddleback College could become catastrophically worse as the school considers implementing a block schedule. This system would reorganize all of the classes to begin and end at the same time.

The parking lots are already too small to accommodate the student population even with the sporadic class times. The current system allows the student body to flow smoothly between classrooms, the courtyard and other facilities.

Students who arrive any later than 8 a.m. are forced to drive around aimlessly in hopes of locating a spot. If a block schedule was enforced finding the elusive spot would be impossible.

The surrounding shopping malls and establishments have strict laws which attempt to prevent students from using their customer designated parking lots. This poses a tricky situation for these students who would have to resort to finding a spot off campus.

Not only would the parking impaction frustrate neighboring businesses but the traffic would increase heavily during the time before class creating major congestion on top of the rush hour gridlock.

The effects of the block schedule would not only be seen on the streets but on the campus. The block schedule would transform the campus into a ghost town when class is in session. Inhibiting student interaction outside of the classroom.

As class ends the halls and stairwells would be become crowded and noisy as students push through trying to get to their next destination. It would be like an extension of high school rather than a higher education institution.

If this block schedule was to be put into effect there would be two extremes on the Saddleback campus. There would be a period of silence like a graveyard and there would be a period where it seems as if the campus was a New York city intersection where all the students are moving to a different building or heading home.