‘Only Murderers in the Building’ a modern day crime show

Selena Gomez stars as Mabel Mora in “Only Murders in the Building.” Hulu

Hulu’s newest exclusive show, featuring Martin Short as Oliver Putman, Steve Martin as Charles and Selena Gomez as Mabel Mora, gives crime lovers a new deep, twisted case. 

The 10 episode series premiered Aug. 31 and will continue to release a new episode every Tuesday to those subscribed to Hulu. 

The show takes place in an upscale New York apartment complex filled with various artists and actors, even musical superstar Sting. The three lead characters, who are true crime nuts themselves, are forced out of their apartment because of a murder in the building. Successful finance guru, Tim Kono, is found dead and what is ruled as a suicide leads the three to investigate deeper. 

During the investigation, the characters take it upon themselves to create a true-crime podcast and save their dying careers. 

Whether it’s cheesy jokes or the snooty sarcasm from people around the building, “Only Murders in the Building ” provides hours of enjoyment. Even Sting himself wasn’t safe from the investigation, the three have no remorse when it comes to solving the mystery. 

The leads of the show provide their own interesting side stories. 

Charles Savage begins to unravel his problems with anxiety and lost relationships as he gets more comfortable. His mix of realism and comedy to cure issues holds the show together with some of the outlandish ideas of the other two. 

Oliver Putnam will never miss an opportunity to steal the scene with his loud personality. As a failed director constantly asking his son for money, Putnam stops at nothing to pursue a dream. Although he hides his hardships, the drama queen of the show provides the courage to continue the podcast despite warnings from the culprit. 

Mabel Mora brings in the younger audience with her strong attitude and knowledge of social media. Her character remains independent from the two, as the show reveals she actually knew Kono in the past. The disconnect between older and younger generations is the driving force behind her role. The misunderstandings between her and the two others make for top-tier comedy.

Overall, the plot of the show keeps viewers on their feet, however, some of the commentaries can come off as corny in the long run. The show uses elements of drama and suspense to have the next episode be essential to view.