One companion everyone needs

Lexie Pereira and dog Kobe by Amber Reed | Lariat

A world without dogs would be a world without happiness. And if you don’t believe me, then believe the facts. Dogs are good for cardiovascular health, reducing stress and most importantly, love. Dogs are the one companion everyone needs, whether it be a 4-pound chihuahua or a towering great dane.

“They’re loyal to you,” said Veterinary Technician Juliette Rousseau. “They’re always happy to see you, even if you’re in a bad mood they still just want to give you love unconditionally.”

The reason for this can be explained by the amount of oxytocin released in a dog’s brain versus a cat’s when seeing their owner. A study conducted by BBC’s Cat vs. Dog documentary, found that the oxytocin levels in a dogs saliva after playing with their owner was nearly 5 times more than a cats. As cute and cuddly as cats are, there is no comparison when analyzing whether a cat loves their owner more than a dog.

While analyzing which pets are the most friendly, dogs rule the list. They will be supportive to children, senior citizens, and just about everyone in between. This makes dogs the ultimate companion for any type of person, as there are thousands of breeds and different personalities to appeal to everyone.

Recently, a study published in Scientific Reports uncovered how dogs have the ability to know what is done on purpose and what is done on accident. Other animals view intentional and unintentional actions the same, which undoubtedly can harm your bond with them. If an owner accidentally forgets to clean a litter box or a cage, most animals will hold a grudge and remember even if it was not on purpose.

“Dogs want love and cats are just trying to rub their hair on you,” said Lexie Pereira, a proud dog owner.

Cats are solitary animals, so if you think your cat is waiting until you return from work, you’re wrong. Most pets humans have aren’t loyal and do not know the difference between intentional and unintentional actions, unlike dogs. There are a lot of adorable animals out there, but there is no question that dogs are the best companion for love, loyalty and reduced stress.

The argument that cats need less attention and care is a unique one and can be shut down when looking at the health benefits surrounding this care and attention for dogs. Taking a dog on at least one walk everyday will improve cardiovascular health, the love and loyalty they provide decrease our blood pressure and help feelings of anxiety or being lonely.

Aside from our health benefits, caring for these animals allows their health to improve and makes humans feel good about caring for a living creature. Dogs have a unique affect on us and communicate with us very differently than other animals.

“A lot of things around here include going on walks…the stress relief comes from there,” said Matthew Clarke, trainer at Camp Opie Dog Daycare.

Dogs are always happy to see humans. And when I mean always, I mean there won’t be a day dogs won’t greet you after work unless they physically can’t. Even then, dogs find a way to show their affection through ear and tail movements. They are unique creatures that, when analyzed, can be seen as a human’s best friend. A dog doesn’t have to be a person’s only friend, however they will definitely be a person’s best friend.

Even when dogs don’t like another animal, they will put feelings aside in order to live in peace for their owners. Other animals including birds take a lot more time to become comfortable, and oftentimes won’t ever warm up to other animals or family members because of their stubborn attitude. Every animal has their positive attributes, but when it comes to dogs, nothing can compare.