Marvel Fans are concerned about ‘Spider-man: No Way Home’

Movie poster courtesy of Columbia Pictures, Marvel Studios and Pascal Pictures

Spoilers over Harry Styles playing Eros, the brother of Thanos, raises concerns over possible spoilers regarding the upcoming Spider-man movie

Many Marvel fans were not pleased about the critic who spoiled the post-credit scene of the “Eternals” movie, which came out in early November. So it is no surprise fans are quick to storm on Twitter sharing their thoughts about anyone ruining pivotal moments regarding any scenes for “Spider-man: No Way Home.”

Multiple fans are eager to see the “ultimate” Spider-man movie as the Spider-verse is being explored in greater detail, many worry about spoilers being spread through social media platforms like Twitter. One wrong move and fans could see their favorite character die or a special appearance that would’ve been amazing to see during the film from some lousy critics tweet. 

Who would want to have their excitement squashed in a second before the movie is open to the public? One Twitter user said “If the dude who tweeted ‘Harry Styles is officially Eros’ spoils ANY of this I’m gonna riot.” 

For die-hard Marvel Cinematic Universe followers, these slips of what happened in the movie are truly devastating as the trailers promise something great only for them to know what happened before the lights dim in the theater. To some, it is the same feeling as getting an email saying congrats for a college acceptance rather than being told “Your application status has been updated.”

Not only are their thoughtless reviews too early, but Marvel fans have to worry about internet trolls who choose to spoil the excitement for others and even go as far as to post illicitly filmed movie scenes.

While some grainy movie grabs have been leaked, it is hard to tell what really is going on and what the significance of the blurry photo is. Some Marvel fans are turning the low-quality spoilers into a joke as they are just paused scenes. 

Lots of MCU movie fans have been theorizing that both Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield will be appearing in this movie as different Spider-men from other universes as the trailer discusses other universes opening to the one Tom Holland’s Peter Parker is living in. 

There is no definitive answer but many have inspected the official trailers and theorize that the other Spider-men shown in one of the trailers is Maguire and Garfield themselves. Many fans are ecstatic over returning actors such as William Defoe and Alfred Molina who are playing their original characters from previous Spider-man movies that was revealed in one of the trailers. 

If it’s like any other movie, someone is bound to spoil it for the rest. And if anyone was to listen to my suggestion: delete Twitter until the release. Albeit that deprives some from what is going on in between now and then, but sometimes sacrificing phone time is worth it. 

Thinking of it as a social cleanse in turn for the sweet reward of not knowing what will or won’t happen walking into the movie theater is brilliant to block out any spoilers. 

Spiderman fans are ready for the Dec. 17 release and are prepared to storm to Twitter again in case a critic comes around and tweets something like “Garfield and Maguire are confirmed to appear in No Way Home” like what happened for “Eternals” post-credit scene.