OPINION: Mainstream media picks on Trump

GOP Republican candidate, Donald Trump on campaign trail (Photograph/Mike Ortega)

GOP Republican candidate, Donald Trump on campaign trail (Photograph/Mike Ortega)

The United States crisis has been put on display to the public in some truth, but many conspiracy theories are being brushed aside by conservatives here in the U.S. It appears the mainstream media is focusing on negativity to discredit Republican candidate Donald Trump, who seeks to solve the U.S.’ $19 trillion deficit that plagues us today.

The most recent crisis to happen to the Western Civilization, the United States receiving Syria’s refugee crisis question, came to the GOP Republican candidates. Trump’s campaign focus is that we have smart people to research the best possible ways to help these people in need and to put them in a good situation.

Our priority is that we need to take care of our people here in the United States first, as the refugee crisis is bringing 100,000 people to the US. The European countries like Germany and France, who have received many refugees, are having problems in their no go zones that they’ve placed in their countries.

Trump is referring to ISIS attacking Syria. If Russia wants to help Syria, let them do it. Our US President, Barack Hussein Obama, doesn’t like this idea and he made it clear at a United Nations Conference, his comments were in effect of Syrian actions.

This was made aware when Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime dropped barrel bombs on civilians while ISIS was attacking Aleppo at the same time. This killed at least a 1,000 of his own people harshly, so that will be something Obama will have to deal with with the UN council meeting to see what his plan is to solve the Middle East wars.

The mainstream media has been coming down on Republican candidate Ben Carson too, describing a controversial statement he made that he would oppose a Muslim becoming President of the United States. Well, since that statement, Carson has skyrocketed in the polls, almost catching up to the leader of the Republican candidates, Trump, who is still leading overall by six percent.

After being treated unfairly by Fox News, Trump is still the leading candidate. It was very obvious in the debates when Megyn Kelly asked questions, in her opinion that were way off base, that Trump dislikes women. Then she was upset that Trump answered that he likes all women, except Rosie O’Donnell.

Fox was unfair to Trump, so he bans them for now, and goes on 60 minutes on some issues that the mainstream media disagrees on. Trump is still having problems with the mainstream media. Fox and CNN stir up controversy on some of the things Trump campaigns to accomplish as President. Trump also said he will round up the illegal immigrants in a “humane way” and his plan is “practical”and “will work.” Trump answered that we are bringing them back legally, which they will be very happy about this and they will be in the US legally. The mainstream media takes the conservative approach and says this will not work.

Our military will be the best in the world. Trump is preserving welfare and social security. Health care will be unbelievable for everyone. Trump has stated he likes to be unpredictable, if he becomes President, to other Countries when dealing with them to get better deals. He would use our best minds to work on making things work out better for the US. He wants our technology to be the most advanced in the world. He will put our greatest minds together to solve the illegals to be placed in the best situation for them to be legalized.

The Iran deal is a serious topic and we see that it gets a lot of attention by the mainstream media. It seems to be an interesting decision by UN and Obama to make the Iran deal. Trump proposes that deal could have been done more in favor to protect Israel and evenly the United States. Better deal makers Trump supports, question the deal. GOP Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz also dislikes the nuclear Iran deal and he’s gone public with the mainstream media, but eventually it gets brushed aside by the media.

We have the best minds in the world to advise our leaders, who in turn could make the best decisions for humanity to progress to a secure future. At the Lariat we like our leaders to make the best choices for us to continue our education in a safe environment here and for the world.
Trump preserves the constitution of the United States to team up in his campaign with Carson to stand up against the mainstream media’s attempts to discredit them. Trump believes his plan is the right plan.

Trump promises the American people, he will get experts to inform him for the best deals in trade back to the US away from foreign countries. His campaign talks controlling Wall Street, promising landing corporate business’ back to the US, getting better paying jobs to them and bringing back the business and trade in favor in the US over foreign countries like China, Brazil and Japan.

Trump claimed that this plan would create growth ranging from three to six percent. He talks on his tax proposal about lowering taxes across the board. Today’s tax plan is at two percent. Trump’s plan could help payoff $5-7 trillion a year, knocking off the $19 trillion deficit that will make America great again. Trump promises to get our military funded to be the best ever.

Being on the Lariat at Saddleback College, I see that the mainstream news is not covering what Trump is bringing in his emergence to the political scene. He is spot on, uncanny and a serendipitous phenomenon. Trump needs our full support, we must step up, be active and backup our future to getting America great again. Pledge now to vote for Trump 2016, we can’t afford to slip now.