Los tacos más deliciosos

Photo on the left was taken by Lizeth Tello | Lariat. Photo on right is by Claudia Tello | CLT Photography

Las Ahumaderas Tacos El Paisa is a well-hidden gem in TJ


With the summer quickly approaching and Finals are upon the students, many might feel ready for a bit of R&R before the next semester begins. I know I certainly am.

With no classes to worry about, some might stay at home and sleep like there’s no tomorrow, maybe play a few video games. Others might decide to take a small vacation, perhaps to another state or out of the country.

With the border just a few hours away, Tijuana is a popular vacation spot and a wonderful tourist location for the summer. The beaches feel alive all the time and the cities feel like a never-ending party. There is never a dull moment.

Seafood is probably the most abundant type of food in TJ, with the beaches so close by. However, it would be a crime to not eat at least one taco while in Mexico and the one of the best places to grab some is Las Ahumaderas Tacos El Paisa.

Now, it should be mentioned, don’t look up just “Tacos El Paisa” if you want to find this place. The two addresses listed after that quick Google search will lead to other restaurants with similar names and do not lead to the exact place I’m referring to. My family made that mistake and spent at least an hour looking for it.

The place is small and a bit crowded, as are many of the other restaurants found on this particular street. There are only a few tables with enough chairs to fit, at most, around 12-16 people within the whole building.

Despite the lack of space, the environment is very cozy and hospitable. The owners of the taqueria are very friendly and do their best to make sure their customers feel right at home. They constantly check in to make sure everything is great and are quick to serve your needs.

As for the food, it is pure Mexican taco heaven. The carne asada has a very rich flavor, each bite more delicious than the last. Their lengua meat melts on your tongue and one bite of their cabeza tacos is never enough.

Also, this restaurant serves good-sized portions. Unlike the taquerias in the U.S., these taqueros are not cheap with their meat and they’re very generous with everything else as well.

The place feels very authentic and there’s almost no way to describe the wonderful feeling of stuffing yourself silly with tacos and vampiros. The afterglow of such satisfaction is absolutely heavenly.

Tacos El Paisa is an absolute gem of a taqueria and definitely deserves its four star rating on Google reviews.