Kanye clothing line drops along with his models.

Like most people, I have always enjoyed the casual apocalyptic movie here-and-there. The concept of a destroyed city with a few lost souls looking for their utopia never ceased to amaze and inspire me.

Apparently I was not the only one inspired.

Kanye West has taken his post warfare inspiration and, yet again, put it into his upcoming fashion brand Yeezy season 4. On day one of New York Fashion Week, West debuted his new line for spring 2017.

All of West’s new line ranged from black, white, beige, and some darker tones. Nothing too out of the ordinary for his traditional style but each item seeming to be a head turn for reasons of their own.

The most interesting part of the show seemed to be the models consistently dropping from the heat. West used the presence of models to replicate statues. A fun idea at the beginning, but not so fun when they are standing in direct sunlight for over five hours.

Multiple models collapsed from the heat, one even passed out and they only received water when the audience became concerned enough to go over and give them some.

Some models did not need the heat in order to fall flat, the shoes alone did it for them. At one point model Amina Blue even took off her shoes on the runway because they were blatantly painful to walk in (and watch her walk in).

Was it the heat, the clothing, the time delay or the obvious lack of practice that caused this fashion show to be a bust?

Whatever the reason, let us hope that the next time West decides to drop his next clothing line that his models don’t drop alongside it.

Photo Credit: By rodrigoferrari (Kanye West 05) [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons