Just say no to Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton speaks at an appearance in Hampton, NH in 2007. (Photograph by Marc Nozell from Wikimedia Commons)

Hillary Clinton speaks at an appearance in Hampton, New Hampshire in 2007. (Photograph by Marc Nozell from Wikimedia Commons)

The United States of America is ready for a woman to become president and now that Hillary Rodham Clinton has officially entered the race for the Democratic nomination that possibility is coming closer to reality.

However, if America votes to just put a woman in the oval office it would be a mistake.

Hillary Clinton may not be the best option, so America might have to wait another four years to make history.

Purely running on accomplishments and track record, the chips are stacked against her, but gender/popularity gives her a chance. She is American royalty after all.

There is no question that she has the experience to be President. Hillary was a United States Senator in New York as well as the 67th United States Secretary of State.

As Senator she introduced the Heroes at Home Act in 2006-07 as well as cosponsoring and making measures for injured service members. Hillary fought hard to pass the Dream Act and also introduced the Legal Immigrant Children Health Improvement Act according to www.govtrack.us.

These accomplishments are what led to her first attempt at the Democratic nomination in 2008. But President Obama won the nomination and eventually his second term as President.

But it is what happens next that hurts Hillary’s legitimacy the most.

Hillary Clinton’s term as Secretary of State was not as successful. The Benghazi scandal and the events surrounding it didn’t show good leadership or good judgment. She blamed the incident with the U.S. Embassy in Libya, on a Youtube video. Four Americans were killed in that attack in Libya.

Hillary also was working on relations with Russia. This is where Hillary famously pushed the reset button with Russia Foreign Minster, Sergei Lavrow. This reset button unfortunately did not work and Russian relations have been on a very downward slope since.

She has also been accused for taking donations from foreign countries while Secretary of State, which could be illegal and is still being investigated.

Her biggest problem comes down to trust.

Hillary is no normal American, yet she continues to try very hard to relate with the everyday American.

“We came out of the White House not only broke, but in dept,” Hillary Clinton said. “We had no money when we got there and we struggled, you know, to piece together the resources for mortgages for house Chelsea’s education, you know it was not easy.”

That doesn’t sound like everyday American problems. That sounds like one percenter problems. Does she really remember what it is like for the rest of us? It doesn’t seem that way.

The trust issue came up again with a scandal surrounding her private internet server. She used her own email and server while she was Secretary of State. This not that big of a deal if we Americans could see the emails. But she reviewed and decided on her own what we are to see and what we are not to see. This leaves room for skepticism and shows a lack of transparency.

Even with all of that, Hillary will get a lot of votes. Some will vote for her purely because of gender and the pursuit to a female president. Others will vote for her on popularity. Either way, she will be looking to become more likeable.

Hillary Clinton has a lot of questions to answer before she can be the President of the United States of America.