How to save money on your electricity bill, during COVID-19

Removing another bloodsucker. (Frank Rocha/Lariat)

There are over 2.2 million California residents have filed for unemployment and many of us are residing in our homes for the time being. The Lariat have a few tips to save your household some money during this unprecedented time.

Majority of us are using energy a lot more than usual, due to the stay at home orders. We are probably on our smartphone, video game console, television screen, or tablet device most of the time, so majority of us have Energy Vampires.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, these bloodsuckers cost about $10 billion a year and 11% of America’s electricity use. Duke Energy, one of the largest power holding company in the US, says the vampire bites 20% of your monthly electricity bill.

Make sure your Keurig or coffee machine is unplugged after use. That goes for all the metal fanged power cords out there, make sure you stop the bleeding.

Ditch large cooking appliances, us the toaster oven, Keurig machine, or an easy cooker. Stovetops or ovens can take up to 50-80% more energy than alternatives, according to Southern California Edison. It will also keep your home cooler because the summer is almost here.

Another way to keep cool and not use your AC too much. Window shades or blinds are important because as soon as we transition to Summer, houses will be a lot warmer. Make sure blinds or shades are down before you go to sleep. The hottest time of the day is noon. After 5PM, If you want some sun or get a little warm open a few blinds, if not wait till 6. And make sure all windows are closed before bed and the evening begins.

If you have an video game console, make sure you unplug the system after your done with it. Leaving the console on ready mode, will cost you $23 annualy or about $2/month.

Another way to keep things cool and save you money, switch to using cold water for your laundry. Save $5 a month or $110 a year, according to Save On Energy.

And the second worst energy device to leave plugged in would be your printer, costing $11/month or $131 a year, according to the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

The number one worst energy vampire is your computer. If you leave three computers on idle mode for 24 hours, would cost $19/month or $234 a year.

Save up to $500 a year if you follow these energy saving tips and tricks to keep your pocket fat and your energy use low. And a few tips to keep you cool, while your saving money this summer.