OPINION: High book prices hurt IVC students

Phil Vogel

Students at Irvine Valley College are upset with the high price of textbooks.

“I think It’s ridiculous how much they charge for books” said Flo Braun, 20, undecided. “I rent my books from the bookstore, and I spend around $300 per semester, I think all the books especially the math books should be a lot less.”

“I am taking seven classes this semester, the prices of books are insane,” said Alex Hun, 20, business. “I have spent around $1000 this semester alone. I think that a fair price for these books would be a maximum of $30 per book.”

“I just came back from some time off school, and I am only taking one class this semester, but I previously was a full time student,” said Karen Hernandez, 23, business. “I would say that I spent about $1400 on books total when I was a full-time student.”

“I spend a lot on books, but I save a lot because I usually rent them online from Chegg, Bookrenter, and ECampus,” said Melissa Martinez, 19, biology.

Rex Shu, 23, chemistry, said he spends about $600 or $700 a semester.

“I think the prices are excessive especially because the teachers often don’t use these books in class,” Shu said. “I think the more expensive books, like science and math should be $150 maximum.”

“It’s highway robbery, dog! I could understand why some of them would be expensive, but seriously they make new editions of essentially the same book all the time,” said Louis Devante Valencia, 20, psychology. “All they do is flip a chapter or a few pages around, and then sell it for more money. All this profiteering is holding back society.”