Has Halloween become too sexy?

Ana Castellanos

When Halloween comes along, most girls find themselves super excited about finding that one naughty costume to look their best for that one special man they have their eye on.

Or maybe they’re dressing up for their boyfriend, or simply being eye candy that night and looking better than the girl next to them.

A lot of people seem to criticize these outfits by labeling them “trashy” and “indecent.”

But Halloween is that one night where most young women get away with wearing a revealing costume.

If you’re young, and have the body confidence to wear such a “scandalous” outfit, why not?

I mention body confidence because it is very important.

If a girl can’t stand up straight, showing off her goodies, in a tiny little skirt, or low-cut top and stripper shoes, forget it girl. People will take advantage of that insecurity and bombard you with some really mean name calling.

Mama may have blessed you with some junk in the trunk to wear that really sexy nurse outfit, which seems to be one of the favorites nowadays.

As long as you carry the costume and yourself in a sexy but reserved manner, it shouldn’t offend anyone.

What girl doesn’t want to feel sexy at least once in their life?

Personalities vary, some girls are more conservative than others, but those of us who are more liberal and confident with our bodies and goodies should be allowed to wear a naughty costume without being pointed at and being called names.

After all, wearing a revealing costume doesn’t really hurt anyone.

Keep those rude and jealous comments to yourself before you stereotype a girl for the way she’s dressed to get some tricks or treats on Halloween night.

A slut doesn’t wait around a whole year to be a slut, a real slut can be dressed like a nun but she’ll have her dirty list following her no matter where she hides.

Halloween is meant to be naughty for teens and adults in general.

Even if someone thinks they can’t wear a particular costume because they’re afraid of what people might think or say, all girls deserve to feel and look sexy.

What better way to do it then to twirl those fantasies about being a naughty school teacher or a really naughty Snow White, or even that little spicy bunny hopping around?

Go for it girl, and show off what your mama gave you.

Just be confident, and of course, don’t go too crazy like climb on tables and dance, because then you’re on your own.

Remember to have self respect and others will give you respect too.

Go ahead and wear whatever you’re comfortable in this Halloween.

And don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.