Ed Sheeran releases deeply personal album ‘Equals’

Ed Sheeran’s “Equals” released Oct. 29. Atlantic Records | courtesy

Many sweet, lovely moments are captured in Ed Sheeran’s forthcoming album “Equals.” Several years after releasing “Divide,” this one features many emotional ballads and catchy pop songs across 14 tracks. “Equals” brings sensibility to various themes like love, loss and parenthood, concocting a glimpse into the songwriter’s life.

Unveiling vulnerability through music is one of the many myriads of ways Sheeran communicates, narrating personal artistic stories through songwriting gives individuals a candid connectivity and relatability into his music. Sheeran reflects on many life changing milestones throughout his musical recordings, one of those integral moments he explores is parenthood, which can be heard in the song “Sandman,” a breathtaking ballad influenced lullaby dedicated to his newborn daughter.

Marriage being a pivotal moment Sheeran writes about throughout the course of the album, especially ballads such as “First Times” and “Joker and the Queen,” describing the joys, contentment and fulfillment of fatherhood and having a long lasting partnership with his loved ones, especially his wife. Messages of unconditional love is what Sheeran reveals in “Equals.”

Loss is another life changing moment Sheeran reflects on in his album, especially in his song “Visiting Hours.” Profoundly describing intimate details of his friendship with Australian music promoter Michael Gudinski, who was a close and dear friend of Sheeran’s. Writing about the fond memories that both he and Gudinski shared throughout the years and how that played an important part in Sheeran’s life.

Songwriting is a place where Sheeran is able to show a candid tender side of himself giving listeners emotions that are both raw, organic and coming from a natural pure state of being. “Equals” is a bright colorful album where he describes, writes and gives individuals a personal insight into the artistic stories of his life.

Creating poetic cinematic words through his lyrics gives listeners a good sense into how clever Sheeran can be when it comes to music. Being able to paint his life’s journey through words makes individuals have a much more profound understanding of seeing and viewing the world from his perspective.

Uplifting recordings that describe the joys of parenthood, love and loss but also are filled with songs that capture warm, colorfully bright vibrant moments throughout the songwriter’s musical journey. Being able to create intimate moments and details in his music gives people a much deeper understanding of him as a human being but also as a family man.

Sheeran thrives on showing courageousness throughout his music especially in his album “Equals” is what makes him be relatable and also sharing the diary of his life, makes individuals have a much more profound perspective and understanding of who he is as an artistic spirit.
Being a creator of music, Sheeran has the unique ability to artistically describe his emotional world with an open heart. Encapsulating idyllic tender moments in songs, cherishing every milestone in life is what is reflected in “Equals”.

A remarkable storyteller who is able to not only connect with myriads of individuals all across the world, but also being able to touch and inspire so many souls from all walks of life in his music is the real magic.