Chris D’Elia: No Pain stand-up special is needed right now

(Chris D’Elia in Netflix comedy special “No Pain.”/Netflix)

During this time in quarantine, a little laughter helps lighten the negative atmosphere and give people hope that eventually everything going on in the world will be okay. 

Comedian Chris D’Elia recently released his third special “No Pain” on Netflix this past week. The show consists of D’Elia telling the audience about his recent experience with a baby, airdropping random pictures to people, and as he puts it “hey dolphins f–k people”. 

The special did not dissapoint, but this was not one of his best shows. The humor was relatively the same as his past comedy shows. As well as certain jokes felt drawn-out like a run-on sentence.

D’Elia is a great comedian because he is very relateable, he makes the audience laugh through his facial expressions and voice changes. However, he is 40 years old and has been in the Hollywood scene for over ten years now, which should lead to more improvement and some change in his routine. 

During the show, D’Elia revealed that he had a very good childhood which doesn’t fit the stereotype of most comedians. He has never done any drugs or had one sip of alcohol in all of his life even though he looks like he is an advocate for them. 

There are some funny new pranks you learn from D’Elia’s new special. AirDropping photos to strangers in public seems very fun. So look forward to random photos popping up on people’s phones once quarantine is over.

“That’s my new sh-t, is AriDropping random photos to strangers” D’Elia said. “Dude, it’s so funny, man…you don’t need to have someone’s phone number to text them any picture that exists in the world.” D’Elia said.

COVID-19 has taken over the world and it has become the main focus for everyone. Which is why watching Stand-Up on Netflix or funny videos might help release certain tensions. It has been scientifically proven that laughter really is the bed medicine.

All in all, “No Pain” is not one of D’Elia’s best comedy segments. Nothing could ever top his infamous drunk girl skit. “Man on Fire” and “Incorrigible” show more of his comedic talent which would cause more giggles and stomach pains from laughing. 

GritDaily stated in their review that D’Elia lacked originality because he talked about the current state of comedy and how everyone is so sensitive to humor online. “He’s not a comedian who grows and evolves a whole lot. People love what he does, so it’s understandable” Jack Giroux the writer of the article said.

Decider told their readers to skip D’Elia’s new comedy special because it’s more of the same. “SKIP IT. D’Elia’s charm and charisma work better when he can play off of his friends and colleagues” writer Sean L. McCarthy said.

Vanyaland thought the show was great because “D’Elia seems just as entertained by the crowd’s reaction as the crowd seems to be by D’Elia’s experiences” and that “D’Elia keeps the energy as high as the absurdity for the duration of his time on stage, with an unrelenting comedy force.”

Everyone is allowed to have a different opinion, so form yours while watching it. Don’t let your high expectations of him ruin some of the good humor shared in this 55 minute special, especially during this time of social distancing.