Students speak on our new president Donald Trump

The presidential election is over and results have been finalized. This past Tuesday, millions of Americans had their fair opportunity to vote, and then prepare themselves to find out the outcome of this year’s election.

Whether you like it or not, Donald John Trump is officially the 45th president elect of the United States. The controversy over this election had been on-going, repetitive and exhausting for many citizens, but it has finally come to an end.

Yesterday, millions of Americans were filled with joy and cheers with the outcome of the election, while others filled with tears and fear. America does not know what is in store for the next four years, but we do know for sure that Trump will be in it.

Now former President Barack Obama quoted in his victory speech to Trump yesterday morning, that he will be handing over “the baton” to Trump with the satisfaction of knowing that he has made progress throughout the years. Obama said he wants to make sure the hand over of presidency is well executed because we as Americans are all on the same team.

With that being said, six students around campus were put on the spotlight. They each had their own opinions on how they felt about our new president, and whether they believed he will make changes for our country. Students also explained how they felt about Trump lasting more than one term . Many of the students did have common feelings among each other.


Student: Carry Rogle, 18, psychology major.

“I haven’t accepted that he’s my president yet to be honest,” said Rogle. “ I think he is going to set us back more than 20 years going back to civil rights and women’s right,  I don’t think he knows how to prioritize what he’s trying to do. We elected a bully, how can you explain to little kids not to bully, when your president is the example of that.”

Rogle does not believe he will reelected in the future and hopes that people will able to see throughout the four years why he shouldn’t have been elected.


Student: Alina Hernandez, 18, fashion merchandise major.

“I feel in shock right now, but [Donald Trump] is our new president, he won and it is what it is now,” said Hernandez. “The only thing I have hope for is our economy, he is a good business man and I do feel like that will be on his agenda.”

Hernandez said she does not know what the future will hold for Trump, however she believes the outcome of his term will determine what’s in store for him.


Student: Chris Avila, 18, psychology major.

“I don’t like it and I’m scared,” said Avila. “I’m worried about him working with the wrong countries, and how he speaks and handles things, but he might be good for our economy.”

Avila does not believe he will last another term.


Student: John Gaver, 19, nutrition major.

“I don’t think he’s very trustworthy.” said Gaver. “he has said some very hurtful things and aimed at woman’s self-esteem, I didn’t like that. He is an establish business man though, so he does have some qualifications to deal with economic issues. From my stand point, I think he’s an idiot”

Gaber does not believe he will last the full first term, so a second term is out of question. He joked about how he could possibly be impeached, and that his vice president [Mike Pence] will take over and that the U.S will be better off.


Student: Aylen Lombardi, 18, sociology major.

“I’m pretty okay with [Trump],” said Lombardi. “It’s definitely going to be some drastic changes so that means that it will be something new. I feel as though Hilary [Clinton] would have been similar to Barack Obama so maybe this is a chance at something different. We will see what kind of changes it brings.”

Lombardi said that Trump lasting more than one term will be determined on how well he does in the next four years.


Student: Luke Falon, 20, history major.

“[Trump] is not the ideal president that I would have hoped for, but he was elected through the system that we’ve always had, so we can’t really complain about the fact that we picked him,” said Falon. “It’s hard to say what he may be able to do, personally I do not think he has given us much insight into his plans for the future so as of now I do not know what he will do for the [U.S.].”

Falon does not favor his policies and does not believe he will be reelected in 2020.