Need a job? Saddleback’s Gaucho Jobs can help you out

Saddleback College offers a job board to give students opportunities.

Students can apply for Gaucho Jobs online. (Josiah Carino/Lariat)

For several of us who are attending Saddleback, we’re young college students who need money or experience in our major field. Something that a lot of us don’t know is that Saddleback has its own job board that can help us out, Gaucho Jobs.

Gaucho Jobs is the official online system used for employing students. It’s also a useful resource to not only find a regular job, but they also can help you find a job in your major.

When on the Gaucho Jobs website, students are able to view specific jobs by category such as by major, project postings, jobs posted within the last five days, and even jobs you can apply for on campus. Students are even able to upload resumes and cover letters as well as take interest surveys.

Both part-time and full-time jobs, as well as internships, are posted on the website as well for students to view. Even using the app, Symplicity Jobs & Careers has a Gaucho’s icon for students to use to find a job.

“Any employer that contacts me and wants to recruit students we encourage them to post in Gaucho Jobs,” said Eric Hilden, the Saddleback Career Placement Officer who runs Gaucho Jobs.

Gaucho Jobs is the perfect starting point for any student looking for a job. Especially since several of the job listings come from employers reaching out to the school.

For more information on Gaucho Jobs, contact Eric Hilden at [email protected] or by visiting the Gaucho Jobs page at