Campus Comment: Should the government pay to help us communicate?

cell phoneCourtney Hunter, Ashley Peterson, Dylan Lujano

“I don’t think internet and cell phones should be provided by the government. It’s a privilege and it’s not an individual right or need to sustain life.”  (Spring Riddle, 23, psychology)

“No. I think we should still pay for it. Wi-Fi is available in many public places already.”  (Alexis Murine, 19, creative writing)

“No if the government gives free access then they can regulate it and that will interfere with people’s freedom of speech.” (Andrew Garg-Meyer, 20, film)

“No I don’t think they should provide it. I think it’s an amenity that [you] should provide for yourself.” (Tommy MacLean, 25, accounting)

“Yes. That would be so cool! It would make it easier to communicate with people.” (Ramon Hernandez, 22, psychology)

“No. The government is already too big and they don’t need control over anything else.”  (Benjamin Brunner, 24, political science)

“I don’t think so. There are some people who would take advantage of the service and abuse it.” (Jeremy Reguerin, 19, kinesiology)

“No. I just think the government shouldn’t waste money when it really isn’t needed. It’s not a necessity, it’s optional.” (Neda Rashti, 25, public health science)