Campus Comment: What is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you at the Mission Viejo mall?

Mission Viejo Mall food court | Anna Casper

Students who attend Saddleback were asked, “What is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to you at the Mission Viejo mall?” and here is what they had to say:

Christina Stafford, biology major

“So one time I went to the mall with my ex and some lady stopped us and she was like, ‘Are you guys interested in hearing about how God is a woman?’ and I didn’t want to say no, so I was just like ‘sure’ and then she just kept talking. I don’t remember what she was even saying, but all I do know is that she was trying to explain how God was not a man and then we told her we had to go, and ran away.”  

Logan Daniels, business major 

“So during indoor volleyball season, I was sitting at the food court with my teammates and right behind us there was this old guy who was barking.” 

Grant Gibson, major is undecided

“I honestly don’t really know. I don’t go there that often.” 

Danial Sadat, accounting major

“I was at DICK’S Sporting Goods at the Mission Viejo mall. This was around 9 p.m. on a Saturday night around September of 2022. I look out of the corner of my eye and I’m at the same registers every time. So I see this guy in a hospital gown with the tubes still attached to his arms and we were all like, ‘Hey do you need help finding anything sir?’ and he just walked away. So we all proceeded to not say anything but kind of closely watched him because this isn’t the first time it’s happened… he ended up stealing boots or water shoes and took a women’s coat, too, and we were all just too worried or scared so we didn’t say anything. It was not very normal.” 

Cole Salo, mechanical engineering major

“Mission mall?! Oh, I’ve barely been there. One time I was walking by one of the stands in the middle section of the mall and there was this shoe cleaning place and they were trying to sell me this thing and I was like ‘I’m not interested’ and they just kept on talking and literally followed me for like 20 feet.” 

Gio Innocent, computer science major  

“The weirdest thing?! Well, there was this one time where this homeless guy came up to me because he thought that I was someone he knew and I did not know him. But he bet on his life, he literally tried to convince me that he knew me and I was like a long lost relative or something. And then I walked away.” 

Jaidyn Cooper, communications major 

“When Lolli and Pops first opened, like literally opening day, I went with my family and there were probably six of us. We went and looked around and everything. Their doors are clear glass and they just have the gold handles in the middle. There is nothing that makes it look like a door, it’s just clear. So everyone was walking out and this guy cut in front of me, so I tried to get out of his way. I walked right into the door and I hit it so hard and literally levelled myself and fell straight back onto the floor. I was down for a solid 10 seconds and no one helped me and the room went silent and everyone just stared.” 

Brooke Watts, health science major

“Me and my family were shopping for Christmas. It was two Christmas’s ago and we were going shop to shop and this one guy was clearly being weird… he had his phone out the whole time and he just kept following us from store to store and we didn’t think much of it. But, we started to go intentionally into girl shops – so we went into Victoria’s Secret, Fabletics, Abercombie and just things like that – to see if he was following us. At one point he was recording and my mom turned around and he ran away. Nothing happened because my mom was very intimidating after that.”