Campus Comments: Daylight Savings

We asked…

Do you think we should still have Daylight Savings Time?

  • "I don't think we really need it anymore. That said, I do like when it gets darker later." (Deanna Schuerger, English instructor)
  • "I think we should, because it keeps track of when the sun sets." (Michael Boyd, 19, kinesiology)
  • "Yes, because you get an extra hour of sleep." (Danny Duran, 27, business)
  • "No, I don't think we should. It was mainly used to make sure that the farmers had time to bring in their crops and at this point, not very many of us are farmers and farming itself is more mechanised." (George Clett, 19, engineering)
  • “For me I like it because it reminds me of summer, it’s how I know summer's coming." (Allie Rowe, 20, English)
  • "No, I don't think there should be daylight savings time, I think we should just keep going back in time exponentially." (Christopher Bautista, 19, kinesiology)