OPINION: iOS 11.1 update spllcheck error brings more pain than joy

All A ? wanted to say was A ? love you…

A little over 50 percent of American households own at least one Apple product according to CNN. I can still remember the first time I held an iPod Nano in my hand, small and bulky but everything that I wanted … until it broke. That is the thing with Apple, the products are so advanced in some cases, they are susceptible to various bugs and errors. The iOS 11.1 update released Oct. 31 with 70 new emojis, fixes to past bugs and a few bugs of its own.

I had originally switched over from an Android to Apple during October, expecting the new phone to change my life in ways I never expected, and it did. Group chats have revolutionized my social life, the decent camera has improved my photography, oh, and the auto correct update is screwing up my life.

Thanks to iOS 11.1, I noticed that when trying to type the lowercase “i,” it automatically corrects to “A ?.” What the hell does that even mean? For a solid two days, I was going insane over the fact that I could not type “i” without it changing it to something ludicrous. I searched the internet, checking every forum, leaving no web page unturned and then I found it. Other users were experiencing the same problem! I wasn’t alone in this hole, but there had to be a fix?

Before revamping the update on Friday, Apple message boards pointed to changing the autocorrect settings manually, but the damn “A ?” still shows up!

Apple, did it come to mind to seek out all the bugs and minor issues with the new software before releasing it? Does a journalist publish articles without editing them? One may think that this is such a petty reason to be mad, but for me, nothing is too little. I didn’t switch over phones to experience the bullshit that followed updating your phone what feels like every few weeks.

It is so frustrating trying to type “I love you” when the text keeps changing to “A ?.” I found myself on my knees, pleading to God to allow me just once to express myself without being corrected.

What about all those poor souls that purchased the newly released iPhone X? It’s almost laughable to think someone spent a minimum of $1,000, only to find out that their brand new phone is already messed up. The day finally came when I no longer had to override the setting, but let’s not forget that the new software also drained your battery like nobody’s business.

You want to use your phone all day? Forget about it. You might as well pocket your device and use it sparingly before draining the phone’s power source trying to send memes to the squad. What about the game that is on that is in need of immediate viewing? Nope, not with this update.

Golf clap to Apple for finally fixing their mistakes. Better late than never right? A big thanks to Apple as well for complicating our lives even more than we need it to be.