Why Sweethearts will not be available this Valentine’s Day

Laura Ockel/ Wikimedia Commons

America’s best-selling Valentine’s candy according to Candystore.com will not be on grocery shelves this Valentine’s day.

Necco, the original producer of the message candies since the 1860s went out of business late last year. However, they did not get bought out in time to make enough Sweethearts for this year’s Valentine’s Day according to CNBC.

The prior owner of the Sweethearts candy was Necco, a candy company that also produced Necco wafers. They closed their doors July 2018 after operating in New England since 1901. Since their abrupt shut down, the hunt for a new Sweethearts producer was unsuccessful until late last year.

The buyer of the message heart candy is America’s Sprangler Candy Company which also produces candy canes, mints, Starburst, Dum Dums, Smarties and now Sweethearts. Sprangler has been operating in Ohio since 1906 and bought the rights to produce the candy hearts on Sept. 25.

The company was purchased too late to stock shelves this Valentine’s Day so Sweethearts will not be distributed again until next year.

Sweethearts have been an iconic feature of Valentine’s grams since the latter part of the 17th century and the familiar sweet and chalky texture will definitely be missed by Americans this Thursday.