White supremacist gang member of 2015 Laguna Niguel bar fatal stabbing sentenced to 56 years in his recent criminal trial outcome

Patsy’s Irish Pub in Laguna Niguel where the death of Shayan Mazroei occurred by Craig Matthew Tanber in 2015 following an argument between them involving Tanber’s girlfriend. (Dylan Robinson/Lariat)

Previously convicted white supremacist gang member following his stabbing to death of 22-year-old Saddleback college student back in 2015 was recently sentenced to 56 years to life.

Craig Matthew Tanber fatally stabbed Shayan Mazroei at Patsy’s Irish Pub back on the Labor Day weekend of 2015 after an argument ensued between Mazroei and Tanber’s girlfriend, Elizabeth Thornburg, outside the bar.

Tanber then went outside with Thornburg only to head back inside to punch Mazroei and stab him before fleeing the scene. Tanber then was arrested at a motel three days later leaving him convicted in December and charged with a one felony count of second-degree murder and the use of a personal weapon.

The scene occurred four years ago and now Tanber has been sentenced to 56 years to life on Feb. 28th in Newport Beach at the Orange County Superior Court Harbor Justice Center. 

Prior to the death of Mazroei, Tanber had just been released from prison for killing a man who stole money from a fellow gang member’s ex-girlfriend. This sentence had only lasted for three months leading up to Mazroei murder.

The courtroom saw Mazroei’s mother and father who took solace in the recent sentencing believing having Tanber off the streets will prevent other families from suffering similar fates. Tanber remained mostly quiet leading up to the decision outside of a sole statement.

“To all that have suffered due to this, I deeply apologize,” said Tanber, quoted from East Bay Times. “No parent should outlive their child. If I could do one thing today, I’d bring your son back to you. I hope this closure starts the healing process to your hearts.”

Tanber rescinded his previous white supremacist gang alignment during his time leading up to the sentence and admitted that he did kill Mazroei not out of self-defense which the recent trial was centered around.

Mazroei’s family initially attempted to sue Patsy’s Irish Pub in a 2017 civil trial only for the climax of the trial siding with Patsy’s believing the positioned security guard of the night responded appropriately to the situation. 

The jury sided with Patsy’s leaving the $6 million settlement on behalf of Tanber to pay to Mazroei’s family, a suit which will never likely be fulfilled considering the outcome of his near life sentencing.

42-year-old Tanber’s parole opportunity is only available after serving 45 years in prison. Mazroei’s parents are happy with the outcome of the criminal trial if still heartbroken over their son’s death and the lacking first-degree murder charge towards Tanber, again who only received a second-degree charge.

Meeting with Patsy’s, they had no further comment on the situation.

Mazroei’s family intend on attending Thornburg’s trial to see the outcome believing she is worthy of greater charges than she has initially received as an accessory to murder after the fact. Due to Thornburg initiating the altercation, Mazroei’s mother believes Thornburg deserves more than what she has been given as she has pleaded not guilty so far.

All parties involved were affected greatly by the encounter which shaped the business at Patsy’s in the months that followed back in 2015. They honor Mazroei’s memory as a beloved patron with a photograph positioned in the bar.