What will come after coronavirus?

Credit: (Wikipedia – Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

Where will we be a month from now? A year from now? We are currently living strange times where this pandemic has only left us wondering if we’ll ever come out of it. There are many consequences from COVID-19, but we can only imagine what the future holds for our society and economy.

This pandemic has taken lives, stopped businesses and shown the true colors of governments and leaders. There will be a permanent transformation in the global economy and the way politics occur.

Governments all over the world will embrace new methods of organization for pandemic crises. The lack of planning and poor leadership forced society into an extended and unnecessary self-isolation routine. This is slowly creating a world of discomfort and worry.

People will slowly become less open to human interaction, companies will require more information about the origin of supplies and products, and the implementation of new alternative plans for crises. We will continue to see a decrease in the economy and an increase in the discomfort between countries.

This will at least lead governments to focus more on what’s happening in their own society rather than others. COVID-19 is showing the ignorance of many failing to commit and adjust to this new way of living. On the bright side, coronavirus is changing the way people see public health laws, allowing governments to expand on them and maintain a safer environment for every citizen.

This pandemic is changing politics and the way the United States is seen by other nations. The United States, previously recognized as an international leader, will suffer from the poor choices made during the pandemic. Even if it continues to be dominant, the US can’t continue to approach problems with the same mentality as before.

We can only hope that the power of the people will be bigger than its own government. If people continue to help others, be flexible and capable and find new ways of changing their community for the better, then it means that we can overcome anything and keep on fitting this virus.