We’re all ears as Disney announces extension of Downtown Disney District

Buena Vista Street is preparing for re-opening. Yasmine Atta/Courtesy

After eight months of closure in the Disney parks, Disneyland announced an extension of their shopping and dine-in experience to Buena Vista Street on Oct. 23. On Nov. 5, Disney announced the extension is scheduled to be official on Nov. 19. 

Before COVID-19 struck, Buena Vista Street was home to the California Adventure Park, the second Disney amusement park in Anaheim, California. This particular section of the park consists of multiple shops for merchandise and unique dining experiences for guests. 

Those said shops in Buena Vista Street shops include Elias and Company, Carthay Circle Lounge, Trolley Treats and many other fan favorites. 

Disney Parks released its announcement via Instagram post. They told guests to visit the Disney Parks Blog for further information and prepare for the extension that was said to be in early November. 

Mitzy Rivera, a previous annual pass holder, shared her excitement on the extension. However, she also expressed her concerns about the safety of the guests. 

“I think it’s really cool how we are gradually getting to go to Disneyland again, I really missed it,” Riverasaid. “But I just hope the safety precautions are enough to make me feel safe. A lot of businesses open up simply for more money and don’t care about the CDC guidelines.”

To reassure guests who might be having doubts on re-entering the Disney environment, Disney Parks Blog released further information on health and safety measures being taken as the extension takes place. 

Guests over the ages of two must partake in mandatory temperature screenings and wear face coverings. Buena Vista Street will also be maintaining Center for Disease Control and Prevention precautions by limiting the number of guests on the street to achieve appropriate social distancing. 

Guests must also provide a 10 dollar fee for parking while entrance to Buena Vista Street is free for all. Parking is set to be held in Disneyland’s Simba Lot. Once guests enter the extension to the Downtown Disney District, mobile wait systems for shopping and dining are to be expected. 

For all Disney fanatics, the extension to Buena Vista Street is a safe way to have fun and keep the magic alive all while being safe. As the announcement shared the official opening day to be scheduled on Nov. 19, guests are eager to see how Disney will manage to uphold the magical experience they’re known for.