‘WALL’ Literary Journal receives National Award

Saddleback College’s WALL Literary journal has recently been granted the first place award by the American Scholastic Press Association in a national contest among numerous college campuses. This is the second consecutive year, the American Scholastic Press Association has awarded WALL Literary journal with a first place title. WALL has received prestige for its dramatic mixture of fictional mystery and horror, while juxtaposing light-hearted pieces. Delve within the 127 page journal and you will find an array of original, hand-picked personal essays, poetry, illustrations and photography pieces submitted by Saddleback College students.

Both advisers, Gina Shaffer and Amy Casil guide the students in English 160, the class that dedicates the spring semester for the student staff members to produce and edit the selected submissions.

“It’s been so exciting working with the creative energy of the students,” Shaffer said. “They come up with wonderful ideas for putting together the issue, they are very committed and are willing to put in extra time. I just really enjoy the process of watching students get involved and producing publications.”

WALL incorporates a sense of consistency throughout the journal. Shaffer said, “The staff members deliberately created a connection between printed text and artwork.”

The WALL is meant to be a place for students to empower their artistic and creative minds, an outlet to produce the things unheard of and a haven for those who desire to share their opinions.

WALL Literary Journal and include your Poetry, Short Stories, Personal Essays, Art and Photography by February 10, 2014. For additional information, visit the website at www.saddleback.edu/la/WALL.