Walk with MADD

Shannelle Sanchez

Ariel Johnson’s life was cut short due to a tragic drunk driving accident March 10 of this year, she was 21 years old. Johnson’s family and friends are standing up against drunk drivers with MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) May 11, in Huntington Beach at 7 a.m., for a 5k walk to raise funds for the MADD organization.

“For our team, we are wanting any of Ariel’s friends that want to join our family, to come out and support,” said Dominic Johnson, 22, Ariel’s older brother. “Anyone that would like to donate, that didn’t know her or can’t make it, but still want to contribute can visit the website and find our team name.”

Ariel’s Angels had a set goal of $3,000, but have exceeded the amount, currently raising $4,480. All the money raised will go directly to the MADD organization. 

Johnson’s family and friends have been spreading the news about the walk this Saturday via Facebook, and personally emailing coworkers and friends.

Anyone is welcome to come out and support the Johnson family and MADD to walk against drunk driving.

“Drunk driving isn’t just, because you had 10 beers and drove,” Dominic Johnson said. “It all starts with one. If you’re going to drive be responsible enough to not have anything to drive at all not even one.” 

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