Vaudeville’s virtual competition

Saddleback College is bringing all artists to submit their best performances from Nov 1. to Nov 26. Saddleback College/Courtesy

Saddleback College fine arts and media technology is holding its first-ever virtual Vaudeville competition for all student actors, acrobats, singers, dancers, comedians and other artists in the fall for a chance to win scholarships for up to $500 with submissions starting on Nov. 1. This will allow all artists to submit a video of themselves performing individually while being judged by faculty members at Saddleback. Performances will last two to three minutes.

There is a specific set of rules students must abide by when turning their submissions in. Judges will decide later if the artists meet the requirements which are listed on the Vaudeville website. This competition gives students the opportunity to show their talent to Saddleback faculty and also chosen members of the community. 

The top submissions will be showcased on the Saddleback College’s Television channel, giving the artists more exposure.

Heidi Ochoa, Vice President of the Division of Fine Arts and Media Technology, mentioned that she hopes that there will be at least 300 submissions by the November deadline, giving students time to put together their performances. 

“We love ALL talent regardless of the genre!!!!” Ochoa said in an email. “If anything, we are hoping that a diverse grouping of genres make it to the final round for the virtual awards ceremony!!!”

Students will be allowed to submit their performance as MP.4 files and be judged in two rounds. The virtual award ceremony will be stationed on campus; however, according to Ochoa, the rest of the participants will be tuned in via an online platform.

Preparation for this event involves many meetings with the Dean, faculty, and graphic designers. Everyone that is involved has their own responsibilities in conducting the competition. 

“The faculty judges will have various levels of participation, as they may be teaching an assignment that can be used in competition and judging the actual submissions,” Ochoa said.

The amount of students receiving a scholarship is determined on the submission count. The objectives of this event are to increase audience participation and opportunities for students to showcase their scholarship and receive feedback.

Students are given a little less than a month to practice, record their performances and submit them. Submissions can only be sent by students who have taken at least one art, communication studies, cinema-radio-television, dance, photography or music course while at Saddleback. Their performance can consist of comedy, dance, duets, magic, poetry reading, magic monologue or photography.