Vape Gods, vape clouds

Will vaping help you quit your nicotine feen, or will you just be interchanging one addiction for another?

Photo by Ruslan Alekso on Pexels


This trend in varying modifications, juices and nicotine levels. There has been speculation about using nicotine vapor to help people quit the use of nicotine products such as cigarettes. CNN went as far as to publish an article stating that vaping works better at helping people quit than patches and other nicotine quitting products.


The New England Journal of Medicine has recently decided to develop more evidence regarding whether electronic cigarettes are a better alternative to other smoking-cessation devices. The study consisted of over 800 random people that wanted to quit smoking.


They had 886 total participants in the study, randomly quit using either e-cigarettes and or gum, and patches. The end of the study showed that 18 percent abstinence from e-cigarette users, while the patches only had 9.9 percent success rate.


“I have seen it work for some people,” said Bryce, a saddleback student, on using e-cigarettes to quit smoking. “My brother and his wife actually used vaping to quit smoking. They kind of just weaned off of the nicotine milligrams.”


Other sites, including the Center on Addiction, do have growing concerns. This is because many vape companies seem to target younger kids. A growing concern is early addiction. Use of the products with zero nicotine is a possibility but also a rarity. Even with zero nicotine levels, the addiction to the device still exists.


“A growing body of evidence indicates that vaping products may be dangerous,” said Center on Addiction. “Despite early optimism when these products first came on the market in the late 2000’s, health advocates now recommend caution in using them in light of growing evidence suggesting that their risks, especially to young people, outweigh their benefits.”


There has been some speculation on the benefits of vaping. Vaping can be expensive upfront, because users are buying the new mod and different juices. However, the cost of buying a pack of cigarettes weekly, and even daily for some people, can add up just as fast.


“According to NerdWallet, disposable e-cigarettes will mug you an average of $1,387 per year if you’re a pack-a-day smoker—considerably less than the $2,569 equivalent yearly cost of the real thing,” said Ethan Wolff-Mann on Money.


Wolff-Mann goes on to write that e-cigarettes are known to be up to 95 percent healthier than the real deal. The article insinuates that there is no evidence connecting vaping and smoking. It also reiterates that vaping along with being a less harmful alternative can help people quit smoking.


A benefit to vaping is that the juices have levels. This means that if you are attempting to quit smoking through the use of vaping, you can in fact lower the amount of nicotine your body is taking in. Think of this process like weaning your body off of its addiction.


The problem?


Just because people are able to lower the levels of nicotine, does not mean their body will not develop a new addiction just puffing away throughout the day. Like everything there are pros and cons. Take a look at the facts, do the research and decide for yourself if this is how you want to try to decide to quit smoking.