Update on the Murder in San Juan Capistrano

(photo courtesy: openlistings.com)

After the original murder on the night on Jan. 14, the Village of San Juan Capistrano has seen more visitors to the address on Cedar Grove and a possible for sale sign. The woman’s name has not been released, pending the completion of an autopsy. The woman’s husband, Sebastian Garcia Ramirez, 51, was taken to the hospital for treatment of his self-inflicted stab wounds. After treatment, he was taken into police custody for suspected murder. He remained in custody until his court date, scheduled for later that week on Jan. 16. He is being held on a $1 million bail. 

“It was weird coming home and seeing all the police cars. I knew it was something serious when I saw all the undercover cars lining the street and I’ve lived in the Village for two years now and this freaked me out,” said resident Sammy Valentino. “My mom wanted me to come to her house that night but with it being reported that the community was under no threat, I just stayed home.” 

Some family members were home during the domestic disturbance, the nephew running outside to call for help. The police were very familiar with this address. Many previous calls from neighbors regarding yelling and fighting between the couple. The walls in the home were thin enough that neighbors heard the constant fights and called police often. 

“Her husband would constantly accuse her of cheating and he tracked her phone, had a curfew and would literally sniff her crotch upon her coming home to see if she smelled like she’d been with another man,” said Orange County Sheriff-Coroner Michelle Hartney. “This night in particular, she had come home late and he again accused her of cheating.”

The home in the meantime, had a real estate sign outside with a “coming soon” poster across the top. The sign was up for a couple days and has since been removed. 

“There’s been cops out here before for loud music, people in the park at night, cars getting towed, but never anything like this since I’ve lived here,” said neighbor Hector Vilasquez.  “It’s kind of scary to think this can really happen anywhere, even in my own town.” 

This is not the first report of domestic violence leading to murder in the Village of San Juan Capistrano. Nov. 21, 2018, 26 year-old Keidi Ramirez was found dead in her home with reported injuries observed around her neck and on her ankles and wrists. Her husband was detained for questioning pending the results of her autopsy. Friends reported Ramirez being in an abusive relationship with her husband.