University of California extends deadline for transfer students

UC extends application deadline as apart of UC's efforts to help transfer students. (Ignacio Andrade/ Creative Commons)

UC extends the application deadline from Nov. 30 to Jan.4 as apart of UC’s efforts to help transfer students. (Ignacio Andrade/ Creative Commons)

Students who missed the deadline to transfer to a University of California school were given a godsend on Wednesday when it was announced that the deadline would be pushed back.

UC president Janet Napolitano announced in a statement that the deadline would be extended from its original date of Nov.30 to Jan. 4.

The extension is apart of the UC’s ongoing effort to help community college students through the transfer process. This began back in July when University of California officials announced the Transfer Pathways program, which provides a set of courses that students can take to prepare to transfer to a UC campus.

The program was created to ease the process of admission and to eliminate differing course requirements for different UC campuses. The new pathways cover coursework for 10 of the most popular majors, with another 11 being added later this year.

The extension also comes as a result of the expected growth in enrollment to an additional 10,000 over the next three years—5,000 of which are expected within the next year. This is all made possible by a state budget allocation of $25 million with an additional $25 million provided by UC’s.

All of which are apart of Napolitano’s ongoing plan to aid transfer students and to acknowledge their importance to the UC system.

“The University of California proudly enrolls more community college transfer students than any other university of its caliber,” Napolitano said in a UC press release. “Giving transfer students more time to file their applications will help hard-working, eligible students across the state make their way to a UC campus next fall.”

Following the announcement, California Community Colleges President Chancellor Brice W. Harris, released a statement in response to the deadline extension.

“We wholeheartedly support the University of California’s commitment to admit more community college transfer students, and this deadline extension will expand the pool of qualified applicants from our system,” Harris said.

It is UC’s goal to enroll at least one new transfer student for every two freshman.

How the enrollment plan will affect the student-to-faculty ratio and registration, is yet to be determined.

Photo used with CC BY 2.0.