Two robberies at ice rinks in Irvine

Locker room #2 was the first location of reported theft. (Delani Taft/Lariat)

Thief hits multiple ice rinks locations in Orange County. Feb. 13 and Feb. 15 a white male with dark hair and a beard/handlebar mustache was seen entering the Rinks Irvine and the OC Great Park Ice Rinks in Irvine. He was noted asking multiple employees when and where other adult league games were going on that night. Before he entered the building, he was caught on camera trying door handles of cars in the parking lot, walking around the facility and asking people about the locker rooms. After gathering the info he needed, the thief entered locker room #2 and took multiple sets of keys from hockey gear bags.

He walked back out into the parking lot, trying the keys and listening for which cars they unlocked. The man then entered the cars, stealing wallets, gift cards, cash and ID’s. Police reports have 8-10 reported wallets stolen. He did not steal any phones, making victims believe the criminal had done this before, knowing Find My iPhone would be able to track him. 

“He took my wallet, which included my license, cash, credit cards and some gift cards. It was more of an invasion of privacy and made me feel uneasy because it’s weird knowing someone went through my car and personal belongings. The cherry on top was taking all my money I had in my car from my paycheck, about $650. If I were to see him again, I wouldn’t say anything, I’d just beat the shit out of him,” said Irvine Rinks player, Alexis Cavanaugh.

“He stole 14 sets of keys and wallets from here. They won’t tell us anymore. We have a picture of him and his truck. They’re very distinct but they won’t let us hang up the poster publicly, it’s only in the  office. He’s come here twice so they are hoping an employee will recognize him if he comes back. I think we should post them at all rinks but we’re not allowed to for some reason,” said an anonymous employee of the robbed rinks locations.

The man was seen getting into a dark silver late year Toyota Tundra or Tacoma extra cab 2-door with extra running boards and a silver horizontal tool box across the back window. 

On the night of Feb. 24, the suspect also was reported on video at Westminster Ice Rinks, having stolen keys and heisting from multiple cars parked on the lot. 

If any information is found to identify the subject, please contact Irvine Police Department at (949)724-7494.