Trump to require a Muslim-American Registry

Citizens protesting Trump.

Citizens protesting Trump.

Donald Trump, 45th President-Elect, has announced another plan that has sent waves throughout the country. Trump said he is considering requiring Muslim-Americans register in a government database.

NBC news reporter asked Trump, “Should there be a database that tracks Muslims here in this country?”

To which Trump responded, “Oh, I would certainly implement that.”

While he has not mentioned physically labeling these individuals, he has not completely ruled it out either.  

In the days following, Trump took to Twitter and tweeted “I didn’t suggest a database-a reporter did. We must defeat Islamic terrorists & have surveillance, including a watch list, to protect America.”

Interesting theory, Mr. President-Elect.

His announcement and denial of it have gained momentum in the eyes of the people.

“Talking about Muslim registry, whether it is a real thing or not, makes many people who sought out this country as a home and a safe place to live in feel scared and discriminated,” Marianne Chehayeb said.

Chehayeb, 18, of the Saddleback Muslim Student Association believes Trump is setting a bad example for Americans.

“It is like opening the eyes of the racists and giving them the green light to show their racism,” Chehayeb continued.

Many agree.

“Claiming it is a safety measure is a guise that is not only a weak attempt to cover up prejudice,” Nurhan El Gamil said. “[A registry] has been statistically shown to be illogical and futile.”

El Gamil, 17, also of the Saddleback Muslim Student Association notes that the situation and ideal Trump is perpetuating is very reminiscent to Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party.

What is truly important, Chehayeb finished with, is to keep the figurative arms of America open and welcome to those seeking safety and refuge. That’s how the United States of America will remain great as it always has.