Trump impeachment update

Trump Impeachment Updates

Alan Morton Dershowitz, newly hired lawyer President Trump in the impeachment trial, stated Jan. 19 during the trial held at the Capitol that abuse of power does not guarantee the impeachment of a President. Dershowitz has previously worked on trials which are quite well known, including the case of OJ Simpson back in 1998 and the trial of Jeffrey Epstien in 2008.

Dershowitz is also a Professor of law at Harvard and a noted civil libertarian.

Dershowitz had previously stated during the Clinton impeachment trial that a crime was not necessary for a president to be considered for impeachment. Merely an abuse of power alone, he had stated, could be a consideration for a standing President to be accused of not being worthy and be held on trial. Dershowitz has received many comments about his present standpoint since it seems to conflict with his previous statement. Though no witnesses have been called to the trial to prove of Trump’s abuse of power many pieces of evidence have surfaced in the past several months. Currently the case has passed through the House but is in the Senate. Republicans have yet to finish their case on the defense of the President.