Transfer center says universities deny students for simple mistakes

Photo by Matt Corkill The transfer center is helping students get their applications in order

Photo by Matt Corkill
The transfer center is helping students get their applications in order

The counselors in the Saddleback College Transfer Center say that many students who apply to universities get denied because they don’t complete the application process or haven’t fulfilled the  requirements to transfer.

“The number one mistake students make is not following up on their applications,” said Jayne Klunder, transfer Counselor. “Second, would be not fulfilling the mandatory 60 units required to transfer. Sometimes they also don’t complete transferrable math classes and they’re not even aware of it. The last mistake, and the most difficult to deal with, is when they wait until spring quarter to try to finish their english, math and speech requirements.”

These mistakes can set a student back a full year in their transferring goals. In addition to those factors, another common mishap is missing the deadlines due to varying dates.

Klunder pointed out the differences in the University of California system and the California State University system as an example.

“The Cal States and UC’s are completely different,” Klunder said. “The UC system applications and deadlines are all exactly the same, but the Cal States each have their own deadlines and procedures.”

According to Klunder, missing deadlines can have dire consequences, especially for the Cal States.

“Cal States are very unforgivable about missing deadlines,” Klunder said. “They often terminate student applications when deadlines for follow-up applications are missed.”

To assist students with the transfer process, there are qualified professionals in the Transfer Center to guide students to success.

“Students who need help filling out their applications and have questions about transferring should come here because we have counselors who specialize in the process,” said Jeri Magnetta, support staffer in
the Transfer Center.

The Transfer Center, located in the Student Services Center, Room 225B, recommends scheduling appointments. They can be made by calling (949) 582-4328 on Friday mornings starting at 8:00 a.m. to book for the following week.