Transfer Center offers tips on transferring to UCs and Cal States

Saddleback College’s own Transfer Center hosted a workshop Wednesday, April 9 to help students who have applied to UCs and Cal States, but still have questions about the transfer process and the requirements for being accepted.

The workshop covered topics such as Housing, Financial Aid, credit requirements and the importance of programs like FASFA.

“If you didn’t file for FASFA (Free Application for Student Federal Aid), sometimes you’re gonna have difficulty getting certain scholarships,” Jennifer Rachman, a Transfer Center Counselor, said. “So sometimes it’s just good to file for FASFA, just for scholarships.”

Rachmann also clarified that students do not have to wait to be accepted to a UC or a Cal State to claim their Associates Degree from Saddleback or IVC.

“If you have the 60 credits, and you’ve completed all your GE, you basically have your degree. You don’t have to wait to put that on a resume,” Rachmann said.

The deadlines for filing applications to transfer to a UC or Cal State are July 2 to November 1 for Fall, November 2 to March 1 for the Spring, and March 2 to July 1 for the Summer.

Saddleback and IVC also hold a Transfer Celebration and Honors Recognition day for students who have been accepted to UCs and Cal States. Students will be able to network with other transferees and meet with representatives from their university. Students who are transferring and interested in the event need to contact the Transfer Center and RSVP before Thursday, May 8. Students can call 949-582-4328, or email [email protected].