Transfer Center appointments fill quickly

David Gonzalez, 22-year-old Saddleback Outreach Specialist

David Gonzalez, a 22-year-old Saddleback Outreach Specialist.

The deadline to apply for a UC school is approaching Feb. 1.  For many students this means filling out paperwork and standing in line at the transfer center.

Appointments are booked by the center Friday only on a first-come first-serve basis. You may schedule an appointment over the phone, however, students physically there will get first-priority booking.

Scheduling an appointment with the center can be time consuming. Appointments range from transfer express, a quick 15-minute session for simple questions, to the standard 30-minute or hour-long appointments required for students with transcripts form other college districts.

“Don’t wait until the last minute”, David Gonzalez, 22-year-old outreach specialist, said. “The earlier the better.”

Recommendations for scheduling your appointment are to come prepared with questions and a print-out of your transcripts. Admissions and Records have student files at hand and are able to print out and send transcripts.

“Every Friday transfers will book appointments and counseling is every Monday — Tuesday’s if there is a holiday. If you book over the phone then it can be hard yea.” Arthur A. counseling office assistant said.

Walk-ins are welcome, but students will meet with the next available counselor. An appointment over the phone is better if you have a specific counselor you have built a foundation with, according to Arthur.