The Transfer Center relieves the stress of applications with the Fall Workshops

The Saddleback Transfer Center located at SSC-225B, where all in-person workshops are held. Ranielle Hoffman | Lariat

Over the course of November and early December the Transfer Center is helping students with transfer applications and more via the 11 workshops that are now in session.

Throughout November, the Transfer Center is here to help Saddleback College students with a multitude of workshops. As applications for transfer students are coming up on deadlines the Transfer Center is hosting online and in-person workshops in SSC-225B to ensure the process goes smoothly.

All UC and CSU applications are due by Nov. 30 at midnight. If students are transferring to a UC personal insight form, requests are due by Nov. 14 at midnight. The Transfer Center is holding specific workshops for each of the steps in the transfer process.

“We have a variety of different workshops and offer these workshops seasonally,” said Jennifer Rachman, a career and college counselor at Saddleback College. “So in Fall, we offer workshops that are 0 to 30 units and workshops that are 30 to 60 units.”

Transfer Planning 0 to 30 unit workshops are offered to students planning to transfer early and teach what certain classes will help achieve that goal. The program also allows for students to learn how to apply for early transfer applications.

The transfer planning 30 to 60 units includes various options for what to do after students have completed the necessary 60 units. General education certificates, transfer applications, and degrees students can get with just 60 units are taught during this workshop.

“We have UC and CSU applications workshops because it is very popular to transfer there,” Rachman said. “These actually also work well with the Lab Application workshops, so you can do the apps with counselors and not get so overwhelmed.”

Each of these workshops is offered in person at the Transfer Center in the Student Services Center in room 225B or there are Zoom online meetings as well. Reservations are required for Transfer Center workshops.

“You can call the Transfer Center or come to our Zoom lobby to make an appointment,” said Barbara Benavides, senior transfer center specialist at Saddleback College. “You do have to sign up on Zoom to pre-register for a Zoom workshop.”

On the Saddleback College website, a calendar for all the Transfer workshops can help figure out the best date for an appointment.

If a student has already completed the Transfer forms and applications for CSU and or UC schools there are still workshops that can aid in the step of the transfer process.

“We go over what you should do next with the after you applied workshop,” said Elizabeth Weiss, a counselor at Saddleback College. “After you apply to the Cal States you usually get a new student ID and we help them input the needed information for each school.”

Even after the application process is finished, new information will be asked of students like setting up portals, updates to the applications and any changes to grades. Along with that setting and finding out what kind of financial aid students can receive is also covered.

Each of these workshops are one hour and are available on various days throughout the week. The Saddleback website gives insight to the Transfer Center’s hours and links to the Zoom lobby for workshop pre-registration or just questions.

“The workshops are basic information that you will use for sure,” said Weiss. “Most of the time students who don’t come to the workshops end up more stressed, having more questions that could be answered through the workshop.”

The Transfer center is open Monday through Friday and the Zoom lobby is open Monday through Thursday.

Signing up for any of the workshops can be done in person, calling the Transfer Center can ensure registration for in-person workshops and Zoom lobby registration is best for Zoom workshops.