Update: The terrible destruction Hurricane Dorian has caused to the Bahamas

The Bahamas have been hit by Hurricane Dorian, and it’s caused catastrophic damage.

The aftermath of Hurricane Dorian over the Bahamas. Credit: WikiCommons

Hurricane Dorian, a Category five hurricane, where winds were reported by BBC at 185 mph has devastated the islands of the Bahamas. Despite it’s slow path, it has caused so much destruction to several of the islands.

The first island to be hit by the Hurricane was the Abaco Islands, located in the north. The islands largest town Marsh Harbor and its surroundings were destroyed by the wrath of the hurricane.

Close to the Abaco Islands is the Grand Bahama, also hit by the hurricane. Both the Abaco Islands and Grand Bahama were the most damaged islands by the hurricane.

“Forty-three is the official count, many missing and this number is expected to grow significantly,” said Erica Wells Cox, a spokeswoman for Prime Minister Hubert Minnis from NBC News.

The aftermath of the hurricane has left several amounts of people without homes and so much damage to several islands. People such as Nasseu native, Pritchard-Ansell is doing what she can to help locate those who are missing.

She has a website dedicated to helping people find those missing in the damage caused by the hurricane. The hurricane has caused thousands of people to use their social media accounts to help find traces of their loved ones.

The U.S. is doing what they can to help support the islands. They have sent several rescue crews to search for any survivors in the destruction of the hurricane.

A total of 70,000 people have lost their homes to the hurricane and will be living under blue tarps functioning as their roofs due to the aftermath. There are currently over 1,300 people missing and 15,000 are lacking food and shelter.

Several private boats and planes have been sent to transport those to safety in the country’s capital, Nassau, located on the island of New Providence. Around 5,500 people have been transported and over 2,000 people are living in government shelters.

With the arrival of those who have been affected by the hurricane, several government officials are trying to have them evacuated to other islands. The Prime Minister, Huebert Minnis and his officials are currently searching for permanent housing for those living in shelters.

One of the main reasons for doing this is because there are several children enrolling to schools that can’t hold all of them. Around 5,000 students are wanting to be enrolled at New Providence, where the average class size is only 40.

With several people living there, it is also difficult for survivors to get a job. The unemployment rate in New Providence is over 10 percent and 20 percent for youth.

Hurricane Dorrian has affected several lives and has caused several survivors to struggle with finding a home, jobs, and education.