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Lamborghini recently diverted from its beaten path and released an unsuspected but heavily demanded SUV the Lamborghini Urus. The Lariat staff was able to get our hands behind the wheel of the $200,000. However, while the wealthy who can afford the price tag are astounded by the new release and are scooping them up, does the word Audi come to mind?

While Audi is a Germany based automotive company acquired Lamborghini in 1998 for around $110 million according to and is still yet a subsidiary in itself. Audi is owned by Volkswagen, who also owns many other supercar companies like Bentley, Bugatti, and Porsche according to Ever since Volkswagens subduction of Audi as a subsidiary division, we have seen the hints of overlapping in models released by the luxury brand to look familiarly a lot like Volkswagen offered vehicles. This seems to be mostly overlooked by consumers, as Audi continues to make quota and even set records of vehicle sales last year at 1,878,100 sold according to However when you are buying a $200,000+ supercar under a company that was founded on racing and built on the creation of the naturally aspirated V12 you probably wouldn’t want to see Volkswagen seats and speedometers in the cabin. Lamborghini has managed to remain set apart from its overhead company for the past 20 years since its liquidation and keep its name, until the Urus. Why would Lamborghini create an SUV you may ask? Simple, Money. The demand (by those that can afford supercars) for an SUV by Lamborghini has been long requested, but Lamborghini remained focused on Supercars. But Lamborghini must have seen projected numbers in sales of theoretical SUV and bit the hook with the release of the Urus.

While its looks are undeniably cutting and distinguishably somewhat Lamborghini, you can’t help but think Audi. While it’s definitely Lamborghini fast with its powerhouse in a configuration of a V8 bi-turbo making 650 hp, it leaves us questioning is that all that all that’s Lamborghini about it?


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Now you might be saying “look at the exterior and interior that is 100% Lamborghini” well not really. Go ahead and do yourself a favor before walking into the Lambo dealership to stroke a check for a new Urus and search the new Audi Q8 that was peculiarly also just released. If you notice anything similar refer directly back to the Urus and see those lines and panels of your Lamborghini aren’t so unique compared to your local soccer moms kid transportation vehicle. Without mentioning anything about Audis’s similar spec’d SUV we asked Troy the owner of the vehicle what his first impressions of the car were “No complaints. the car is extremely fast and extremely comfortable and It definitely idles higher than my last Range Rover.” Troy while a nice guy has the luxury and frankly the money to spare to look over the similarities. However when I stopped Stacey Lee, a standing by shopper if she could distinguish between the two vehicles in the same colors, she laughed and said “Not really they look like they made by the same company” she went on to say, “If you’re willing to buy the Lamborghini with those few differences you had pointed out to me, you’re too rich.” Thankfully Troy was inside getting food at the time or he may have had his feelings hurt.

 If you’re following you are right, the new Lamborghini is indeed an overpriced Audi Q8 with a turbo V8. Now you might be saying ‘well a V8 turbo is very different from a 3.0 liter V6’ and I would say you’re damn right because 650 subtracted by 335 equals a 315 horsepower difference. Nick, a salesman from the Lamborghini Automotive dealership in Newport Beach says “There is definitely a pretty notifiable difference in performance in the Urus.” But is you’re average soccer mom going to you’re probably content with your 335hp and the great mpg that comes with it anyway. The real question is for the Lamborghini Urus buyer is the extra 315hp and a few extra bumps and curves worth an extra $132,600 to you? That’s right the new Audi Q8 is $132,600 less than your Urus and if that extra $132,600 in your pocket isn’t convincing you enough to divert from your bad investment maybe the fact that your girlfriend won’t be able to tell the difference between the two might do it. But hey, who am I kidding if I was rich enough to buy a Urus maybe I wouldn’t think to save the extra 132,600 to help the greater good either. Until then I think a new Audi would be plenty good enough for me.