The Drip “II” opens near the LRC

Students eagerly wait for java at the new Drip location just outside the north side of the Learning Resource Center. (Chelsea Jarrell)

Chelsea Jarrell

An oasis equipped with “Chippity Do Dah” posters and the aroma of fresh brew awaits the Saddleback College community.

The Drip, directly under the BGS building, now has a sister cart located on the backside of the LRC.  The beverage kiosk is open Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m.- 9 p.m. and Fridays 7 a.m.- noon.

Behind the counter, is notable personality Cheryl Anderson who has been running the show for almost seven years.

Next to the pastry box and protein bars is where Anderson not only takes orders for coffee and tea, but forms friendly relationships with students around campus.

“I like working with people. Otherwise I wouldn’t have done this job for so long,” Anderson said.

Before working for The Drip, Anderson waitressed for 30 years in South Dakota. She seems to brew a brighter cup of coffee for every customer she serves.

It’s the first day open and some customers have already appreciated the extra coffee cart. Instead of taking the pilgrimage from one side of campus to the other, The Drip “II” has formed a bridge so that a half-caff, vanilla cappuccino may be more easily accessible.

“Last semester I had a 15-minute break and had to run back here with food,” said Rachel Trujillo, 20, environmental studies.

Thanks to Cheryl and the rest of The Drip team, thirsty students may hopefully relax a while and enjoy their cup o’ joe.