Tesla’s CEO takes a hit: lifting spirits, lowering stocks.

Co-founder, CEO and chairman of Tesla, Elon Musk has been under attack recently for his recreational choices. The self-proclaimed “business magnate” recently sat down with UFC Commentator Joe Rogan on his podcast “The Joe Rogan Experiment” and shared his thoughts on technology and climate. Concluding in a cloud of smoke, all is summed up in one word: love.

Shortly after the two-hour mark, the program took an unconventional turn when Rogan sparked up a “spliff” (cannabis mixed with tobacco). Although Rogan and Musk got high, Tesla’s numbers went low. Top executives resigned and stocks dropped more than 6 percent shortly after the pair passed the plant back and forth. According to Tesla’s business conduct policy, Musk violated the code.

“It’s legal, right?” said Musk on the Rogan’s podcast. His actions may have been “on the record,” but technically he was off the clock.

Reflecting on the topics discussed (pre-session and post-high), the stigma on cannabis culture remains as the law transitions in the United States on paper to perception.

Brandon Drey/ Lariat