Teachers taking legal action against Delta because they worry about the health of their students after fuel dump


Four teachers sued Delta Air Lines after the school they worked at was showered with fuel dumped from a Delta Air Lines plane in Los Angeles County.

The Federal Aviation Administration released a fact sheet Friday stating that the pilot did not follow the proper procedure that requires pilots to alert air traffic control whenever they are going to dump fuel.

The fuel was dumped over Park Avenue Elementary School in Cudahy, California that’s located in southeastern Los Angeles County. Four teachers from that elementary school filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

According to CNN, a teacher who worked at the school for 21 years, and chose to not be identified, told reporters that, “I’m scared of what can happen to my health, the health of my students, my friends and my colleagues.” Hundreds of residents from Cudahy, CA protested against the airline in a town hall meeting in Cudahy on Friday night. According to Los Angeles Times, ‘“Kids got injured, okay, sir,” said Gerardo Mayagoitia, a resident who is also the city clerk of neighboring Maywood.

“There are families in the hospital,” said resident Vanessa Huarte.

“The lawsuit asks for damages ‘in an amount according to proof at trial.’” said CNN.

This situation is definitely an example of environmental damage caused by a plane and something that should not happen again here in Southern California. Delta Air Lines and the pilots involved should take responsibility of the situation and pay for the damage caused to students and teachers at the elementary school.