Taylor Swift’s master recordings sold not to her for second time

A collection of Taylor Swift CDs. Katie Sundberg/Lariat

Taylor Swift revealed on Instagram Nov. 17 that her master recordings were bought from Scooter Braun at Ithaca Holdings by a third party called Shamrock Holdings. Swift attempted several times over the past year and a half to regain ownership of her own work.

“In 17 months ownership of her first six albums has changed hands,” said Melinda Newman, an editor for Billboard in an article.

The Swift-Braun feud began when Scott Borchetta of Big Machine Records sold Swift’s master recordings of her first six albums to Braun, without allowing her the chance to buy them herself. Since then Swift changed record labels to Republic Records who allow Swift to own her own work.

“I am definitely team Taylor,” said Melissa Alvarado, an avid “swifty.” “I have been to every single tour since she was fifteen years old. I can’t believe she has to deal with all this nonsense.”

Swift refused to work with Shamrock Holdings per the agreement because Braun is still getting paid out on her music.

“As soon as we started communication with Shamrock, I learned that under their terms, Scooter Braun will continue to profit off my old music catalog for many years,” said Swift in an instagram story. “Scooter’s participation is a non-starter for me.”

A cover of “Look What You Made Me Do” by Jack Leopards and the Dolphin Club was featured on the television show “Killing Eve” shortly after Braun bought Swift’s catalog. Fans have come to the conclusion that this new band— that has never existed before— is Swift’s brother, Austin singing so that Braun would not profit off the song. Swift has not commented on the theory.

“Taylor is so clever,” said Lindy Bill, a Swift fan. “The way she has easter eggs in every little thing she does is truly brilliant. During the reputation era she just let her art do the talking.”

Swift has begun re-recording her older music to limit the profits that go to Braun. It is unknown when they will be available for purchase.

Swift announced in April that her “Lover Fest” shows have been cancelled. She was about to be the first person to perform at the brand new Sofi Stadium on July 25 in Carson, California but COVID-19 forced the shows to be postponed. The night before on July 24, Swift dropped an entire album called “Folklore”.

Taylor Nation announced in a tweet on Nov. 19 that Swift has won the “Songwriter of the Year” award.

“Honestly who else would have won songwriter of the year in 2020,” said Xiomara Barrios, a Swift extraordinaire. “She literally put out a full album in a couple hours’ notice. She single-handedly saved 2020.”