Students talk about the mask mandate being lifted


A face mask sign in front of one of the school’s doors, informs what the public should expect. Stephany Rivera | Lariat

The students at Saddleback College have different opinions of the new mask regulation

Saddleback administratives and students have been given the news of the changes in regulation ending the mask mandate for indoor classes and campus buildings. The lifting regulation takes effect beginning April 11. Although it’s big news for the entire campus, there is a wide range of opinions from the students of Saddleback to the lifting of the mask mandate on campus.

Dylan Luden, talks about how he agrees with the new regulation. “I think it should be lifted and I think it should have been lifted a little bit earlier,” Luden said. 

“I feel like if you are vaccinated you should have the choice of having to decide to wear one,” said Luden.

Alex Aq, also agrees with the new regulation. “I haven’t heard that much about people getting sick over the news lately but since people are allowed to wear them, I think it’s very good,” Aq said. 

“Overtime people will stop wearing it in general but if you still wear it’s okay,” said Aq.

Vanessa Arciniega is very satisfied with the lifting of the mask mandate.

 “It’s nice that we are having the face masks off,” Arciniega said.“I’m pretty chill about it since everyone here respects us having to wear the face masks on for almost two years, we can decide to wear it or not.”

Meanwhile, other students think that the mask lifting will increase the number of COVID-19 cases and affect their health. 

Students like Ivanna Arraedon have a different approach to this new lift. “I’m kind of indecisive about it since I know a lot of people are uncomfortable,” Arraendon said. “One of my teachers is kind of at risk of getting sick, so I know I would still have to wear a mask in his class, I think it’s about personal preference.”

Leane Bautista, also disagrees with this lift. “I’m kind of worried that it’s going to be dangerous and there will be a high likelihood that I’ll get COVID,” Bautista said. “I actually prefer to have the mask mandate indoors because of how COVID is less likely to be spread outdoors but indoor is much more likely.”

Nursing major student Michelle Z. also disagrees with the new lift as well. “We will see how hospital rates end up being,” the student said. 

The mask lift regulation at Saddleback has many students excited and some worried about such a decision. In this case it’s best to show respect on student’s personal choices of whether they want to wear a mask or not and of course stay healthy.