Students looking to transfer attend college fair

With another semester coming to an end, many Saddleback College students may be starting to wonder which college they would like to transfer too. The Transfer College Fair presented an opportunity for students to come face to face with admissions representatives from a wide variety of four-year colleges on Nov. 18 at 10 a.m. through 1 p.m. in the campus’ main quad.

Students asked about admission and financial aid requirements, college majors, campus life and gather other vital college-planning information. Each admission representative worked at a college table or booth with a collection of handouts and brochures, and an occasional highlighter giveaway.

Most of the students attending the fair have been at Saddleback for a couple of years who want to achieve their desired transfer goal. It is important for the representatives to consider where the students have been, in order to best help them determine where they should be heading.

Kaitlin Murray, a 21-year-old sociology major, said she was surprised to find a university that she never would have considered attending, was actually ideal for her based on her degree and extracurricular programs.

“I don’t feel pressured into making any decisions or commitments just yet,” Murray said “But I did finally break down the top two places to get my degree.”

Student Kaylee Harmon, 20, tried to keep an open mind and did a little exploring to figure out which course offerings or academic programs she may be into.

“I didn’t want to just stop by at every table and pick up a bunch of brochures,” Harmon said. “I think I owe it to myself to try to engage with the reps and ask questions.”

For many students, financial considerations will impact their college plans, which is where the financial aid comes in. The fair provides financial aid specialists who will answer questions and provide ways for transfer students to explore aid options.

Ian Devaney, a 24-year-old business major, did not realize how necessary financial aid was until he actually visited the booth.

“I have been at Saddleback for three years now and have never used financial aid,” Devaney said. “Now that I want to transfer, without the necessary financial resources, I simply can’t afford college.”

Students already have a fair amount of schools on their radar and it is too expensive to visit all of the colleges they are considering. The fair gives the students an opportunity to visit a large number of schools all in the same place, for free.

College fairs in a variety of ways allow students to get some insight into what a college or university will be like. So much information regarding colleges is available online and in books. However, attending Saddleback’s College Fair gains insight into the culture of the institution itself.