Students advised to lock vehicles after thefts

A string of thefts in the last few days has prompted Campus Police to advise students to keep their cars locked and secure.

This Monday, around 7 p.m., there was an attempted theft in parking lot 9 at Saddleback from an unlocked vehicle by a female suspect. The suspect was confronted by the victim and her property was recovered. On Tuesday, a second student went to the Saddleback Police Department to report “a theft from her unattended parked vehicle that occurred on the evening of March 17.” The vehicle was also parked in Lot 9. This prompted the SCPD to send out a mass email to all students with details about the situation and pertinent information for students and faculty. The police are still investigating whether the two events are connected.

Because the investigation is still underway, the police department cannot comment on any details of the case, said Kyle Fraiser, the dispatcher for the SCPD. He went on to say, “We strongly urge students to have the police’s phone number in your cell phone. The first student did not know who to call so she had to go to a classroom to contact the police”.

The mass email sent by SCPD described the suspect as a “White female, fair complexion, age 25-29 years old, 120lbs, very thin with pock-marked face. She was wearing a white t-shirt and a black backpack.”

The email also provided a
link to a page on the campus website with tips to help, “minimize your chances of being a victim.” They also ask that individuals make sure their cars are locked when they leave them.

The SCPD’s phone number is (949) 582-4585. SCPD ask that they be contacted promptly if a woman matching this description is seen on campus and to not contact or confront this individual.