Some interesting stuff actually happened at the Kentucky Derby this year


Last Saturday at the Kentucky Derby, a few things happened that would spark the interest of the average non-rich citizens of America.

The horse race began in usual fashion, with 20 horses on the Kentucky track, opposed to the usual 14 on any other track in America.

Since 1875, the Kentucky Derby has been America’s most iconic horse racing event that is attended by thousands of spectators every year. Many of these audience members are wealthy and famous individuals.

Millions of dollars in bets are placed on which horse will take the crown at the derby every year. This year, however, some of these individual bets topped over $1,00,000.

The 2019 Kentucky Derby was a unique race, due to the fact that the first horse to cross the finish line, Maximum Security, was disqualified 22 minutes after the race was over. The earnings were given to the second place horse, Country House.

Maximum Security’s owner Gary West is planning on filing a suit against the organization that runs the Kentucky Derby: Churchill Downs, for unsafe and unfair conditions at this year’s race.

According to USA Today, West said, “You shouldn’t have 20 horses in the Kentucky Derby. Churchill Downs, because they’re a greedy organization, has, rather than 14 like you have in the Kentucky Oaks, the Breeders’ Cup, every other race in America, just because they can make more money, they’re willing to risk horses’ lives and people’s lives to do that.”

The reason why Maximum Security was disqualified was because he cut in front of another horse shortly before the finish line. According to West, this occured due to the Derby track being too narrow and unsafe to host a 20 horse race.

After the race was over and the dispute about the winning horse was settled, the upper class attendees, including NFL football players Tom Brady and Danny Amendola, attended their after party located in the parking lot.

Another shocking occurrence happened after the race: Tom Brady made a $100,000 bet to Danny Amendola on video if he would be able to throw a football across the parking lot and hit the wall of Churchill Downs.

On the video, it is seen that Amendola throws the ball and barely misses the Derby building, so Brady proceeds to bet him double or nothing for a second try. The horse race had already been over for an hour and Tom Brady was willing to bet $200,000 more dollars than he already had inside of the stadium.

This year’s derby had a few wild twists, but in the end it was shocking that for the first time in history, the first place horse was disqualified after the race was already over. West has decided to pull Maximum Security out of the Preakness Stakes Race next week due to the lawsuit in play.

“Winning it was the most euphoric thing I have ever had in our lives, and the disappointment when they took the horse down for the first time in history — we were stunned, shocked, and in total, complete disbelief,” said West.